THE current NATO conference in Newport involves Britain’s biggest-ever security operation, including 9,500 police officers and seven warships anchored in Cardiff Bay.

Top of the agenda will be the unfolding crisis across the Middle East — along with the alleged dangers posed by militants here at home.

What will probably go unmentioned is the role that Britain and the West have played in creating the crisis. About half a million Iraqis died as a result of Western sanctions (including food and medication) imposed from 1990-2003.

A further million Iraqis died during the invasion and occupation of 2003.

The war which the West inflicted on Iraq created an estimated four million orphans and refugees.

The United States then installed a viciously sectarian government, led by Nouri al-Maliki, whose divisive policies have alienated the Sunni Muslims and helped sow the seeds for ISIS extremism.

Meanwhile, in the UK more than five “anti-terrorism” laws have been introduced, with more expected, to stifle dissent and whip up Islamophobia.

Opposition to Western belligerence comes from the Stop the War Coalition along with the People’s Assembly and Plaid Cymbru.

This is backed by Jeremy Corbyn MP and 14 Cardiff councillors. They need our support if the violence is ever to end.

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