FOLLOWING a letter last week I felt it appropriate to write to dismiss rumours that the Winifred Kettle Centre in Westhoughton is closing.

Winifred Kettle is going to remain open, and will continue to provide excellent day care for residents of Westhoughton and beyond.

Furthermore, the plans are well underway to develop the rest of the building as part of Bolton’s Integrated Care Plans with the NHS, GPs and the hospital.

This will see community health treatment rooms, space for our voluntary sector partners and an integrated neighbourhood care team.

These changes will result in over 600 extra people per year benefiting from short term rehabilitation and recuperative care.

While it is correct these changes will see the 18 intermediate care beds close, but only when the home based services are ready.

As I, and many others have repeatedly said, these plans are not a savings exercise, but a redistribution of existing spending to invest significantly in home based services where it was shown we were under resourced.

Finally, I agree that we have some fantastic staff who work at Winifred Kettle and throughout all of our intermediate care services across Bolton, so it pleases me to say that no care staff have been put at risk by this reorganisation and all have been provided roles at different locations.

To reiterate, Winifred Kettle is not closing, no care staff are losing their jobs, and more people will receive care than before.

Cllr Christopher Peacock Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care