I WRITE to express my disgust at the price hike that Northern Rail are imposing next Monday.

I work as a volunteer in Manchester on Monday afternoons, from 1pm to 4pm, and catch the 11.28am train from Bromley Cross to Manchester Victoria and catch the 4.03pm coming back.

This journey currently costs me £4.20 but I was advised by the ticket clerk at Bromley Cross station that the next time I travel after September 8, 2014, the cheapest ticket will now cost me a staggering £7.70 an increase of £3.50 or 83.3 per cent.

How can Northern Rail or this government condone this amount of increase. It is nothing but daylight robbery no matter what excuse is given.

Because my return train departs three minutes after 4pm I will have to pay £3.50 more.

I could previously have caught a return train at 3.40pm but as a result of changes to Northern Rail’s timetable in May this train was cancelled and re-scheduled to leave at 4.03pm.

Derek Bailey Ramwells Brow Bromley Cross