On August 20, 2013, the Bolton News printed a story about First Greater Manchester Bolton’s garage receiving a new £2 million fleet of buses for the 501 route.

It was also stated that the older buses that were on 501 would be cascaded down to other in routes in Bolton.

Two years later it just seems like false a promise as within months these so-called older buses were not cascaded down to other routes in Bolton but were shipped out to other garages in Greater Manchester and to other First bus companies across the country only to be replaced with stepped-buses that were actually older.

It seems, yet again that the management of First gave false promises and have delivered a worsening service to the people of Bolton — even more so considering that part of Withins and Ainsworth now only have an hourly bus service, and yet, less than 10 years ago they had a 20 minute bus service and all the other routes have been withdrawn from the worsening evening and Sunday services.

So, what more fantasies will the management of First Greater Manchester come out with next to try to gain support for their bus company Christopher Amos Whiteoak View Darcy Lever