I LIVE in sheltered housing and the ages of the residents range from 60s to 90s and most have age related disabilities.

I would like the chief executive of Bolton at Home to enlighten us as to its policy on repairs.

Is it a blanket policy or are there any exceptions?

On contacting the repairs department we were met with a barrage of questions: ‘can you not do it yourself, can your family not do it?’ or even ‘ask your next door neighbour’.

Are we legally expected to climb a ladder, change a strip light or a battery in a smoke alarm connected to electricity?

One lady in her late 70s walked to the nearest DIY store to source a part for her bathroom light. When she got home she realised it was the wrong one and had to walk back with her young grand-daughter.

We pay £30.04p per month sheltered management charge. What a difference when you wanted our vote to take over from Bolton Council, it was all positives then.

We also pay £20.84p per month for our housing officer’s services which appear to be diminishing because she has to operate from other bases.

We pay £16.16p per month for Careline No disrespect to Careline but they do not know us like our housing officer.

The concierge charge (CCTV cameras) costs £16.96 per month and then rent and we are expected to carry out our own repairs.

That’s £425 per month for a one bed social housing.

Maureen Jones Bolton