I FIRST came to live at Hunger Hill in 1963.

Since then, the motorway connecting Preston and Manchester was constructed and a new link road, Snydale Way, was built to connect Hunger Hill with the A6, Park Road and onward to Westhoughton. I go for walks with my daughter along Snydale Way; a few years ago we noticed orchids dotted among the grassesand wild flowers.

We made a point, each year of going for a walk, now also with my great-grand-daughter, just to see how the orchids were thriving. There was one area that had over 50 purple orchids. They gave us great pleasure.

In the past, the mowing timetable has fitted in with the flowering of the orchids. This year, however, they had just started to bloom when the grass was cut — with the flowers, of course.

I have no idea whether the orchids have been damaged beyond recovery. I do not know if anyone else cares. I am fortunate in having a record of the flowers on my camera. It is just a matter of waiting until next year to see if they will grow again.

Edna Liptrot Winslow Road Bolton