ONE evening last week my wife developed pains in her chest and arms to the extent that I decided to dial 999 for an ambulance.

The female operative, who responded immediately, asked various relevant questions as to my wife's condition before quickly dispatching a paramedic to us. He carefully assessed her and then called for an ambulance, which came without delay. The ambulance crew carried out further tests and it was decided that she should be taken to the Royal Bolton Hospital.

On arrival, she was admitted without any delay and immediately treated by the medical staff involved. After various checks and tests over the next four hours she was transferred to the Coronary Care Unit where, for the next three days, she continued to receive first class medical and caring treatment.

Whilst we cannot question the various media reports about ambulance and hospital admission delays, we can only say, with gratitude, that it didn't happen to us.

From the word go, we received prompt, first class treatment from everyone involved and we thank each and every one of them very sincerely. They were all first class professionals.

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