A MASSIVE thanks to the Octagon Theatre for supporting and bringing together the people of Bolton at the Reveal Season 2017 theatre events.

As an amateur theatre group called 'On The Go Theatre Company' we were one of the few groups chosen to write and perform our own play and showcase it for the people of Bolton.

Our play, Dirty Face, was performed on Tuesday and Wednesday to an extremely appreciative audience at Bolton Parish Church Hall.

We were encouraged and brilliantly directed by the Octagon's Deborah Dickinson and Janys Chambers, who put huge amounts of energy into our play bringing it to an incredibly high standard. 'Dirty Face' was written by one of our members, Josie Byrne and is about the pit brow lasses of Lancashire in the 1920s, telling the story of their colourful lives, hardships and their fight for equal rights in the workplace.

Thanks once again to the Octagon for supporting our amateur group and making us realise it is possible to achieve great things with such committed support and direction.

Judith Whittle

On The Go Theatre Company