HOW many of us know what's in the Highway Code? And when was the last time we looked at it? Yet, every time a new edition is issued, it is thicker than the old one with more regulations and advice for us motorists.

The lack of knowledge of the rules of the road were brought home to me recently in a very frightening way.

I was driving into Bolton and came up to a mini-roundabout. I wanted to follow the road ahead but I know that I should keep to the left of the central markings and drive round it. Just as I was preparing to leave the roundabout I was horrified to see that the car behind me had decided to shoot straight across the central markings at high speed and overtake me. If I hadn't seen it and stopped, I dread to think what would have happened. Because of the excessive speed of the other car a collision would have been disastrous.

I am so thankful that I have had the benefits of extra driving training to advanced level and so check my mirrors much more often than I ever did before. It reminded me that we have to be so vigilant and observant at all times to remain safe on the road.

I am sure that readers will have stories of their own about near misses than caused them great alarm. If anyone thinks they'd like to brush up their knowledge and driving skills they might like to consider an Advanced Driver course. The registered charity, Bolton & District Advanced Motorists, holds four courses every year. The next one begins with an enrolment evening at 7pm for 7.30pm on Thursday, May 4 at Lostock Parish Centre, Tempest Road, Lostock. Contact Lynn Jordan by telephoning 07766 651418 or emailing or on the website

Katherine Whittle