THERESA May has just confirmed that she is the Prime Minister and leader of the Nasty Party.

Yes, the Conservative Party really is the Nasty Party, but the British public will vote for them — no accounting for taste is there?

It seems that the public does not want the government which is asking to be allowed to work for all the people; the government that will invest in creating more highly paid jobs, fair working conditions and trade union rights.

There has never been one such government in my lifetime, with the exception of the Attlee government of 1945.

The British public seriously wants a poverty minimum wage and a massive increase in child poverty than a government that would build more homes and increase council housing stock.

The British public obviously likes people to be living on the streets in poverty.

I do not know why they seem to think that the Nasty Party is doing such a good job because they like the people on the streets — it makes them feel better. I don't know why, but it's true.

If you ask at the British public if they want a better health service, they say yes, but we don't want to pay for it. We don't mind if the old die in squalor — it's their fault for living too long.

Remember though that these are the people who paid off the national debt and created the health service, but I guess we will reap what we've sown.

We need to spend more on defence because we do need a greater defence force. We do not need an atomic bomb — that will not protect our shipping on the seven seas.

We need an integrated transport system as European countries have; one that is very cheap to stop people from using cars.

We believe everyone should have a car and then complain about the environment.

I am told that 20 of the world's largest ships produce more pollution than all the cars in the world put together, but if it makes a profit, it does not matter. Profit is king and stuffs the environment.

Jeremy Corbyn offers that future. The BBC and Sky rubbish him; the press rubbish him; even members of Parliamentary Labour Party rubbish him. We need to make a society where everyone can benefit in the success.

Take this opportunity to vote Labour — you may not get another one.

Ian Greenhalgh