RE the Manchester, Bolton and Bury canal. I was surprised that 89 per cent of The Bolton News daily poll wanted the canal to be restored into Bolton.

It would cost millions of pounds to do this, where would the money come from?

I have over the last 40 plus years cruised the waterways of England and Wales, including a number of 'end of navigation' sections, where through lack of use have struggled to achieve my objectives.

Currently as people are aware, the Manchester, Bolton, Bury Canal Society is working on the Bury Arm. I have been involved in this since the inception almost of the Society.

Now in my mid 80s I am not capable of such hard work.

When we started restoration, the forecast date for re-opening was 1995, it is now 2035 for the Bury Arm.

I believe the Golden Age of restoration of canal usage for pleasure craft has passed. I am a member of a local cruising club and whilst us oldies are dwindling, the younger people cannot afford to buy boats.

Ben Williams

Langham Close