IAN Camick, Councillor Linda Thomas and other writers claim that the Coalition Government is proposing to privatise the NHS. That is simply not true and the Government has said so on several occasions.

The writers conveniently ignore the fact that the last Labour Government did, in fact, outsource services to the private sector.

The writers are simply using any excuse to oppose this Government.

Their argument would carry more weight if they suggested how the everincreasing demands on the NHS in the form of new drugs/treatments and an ageing population are to be financed without raising taxation.

The letter (March 2) signed by union officials demonstrates that, like the libraries issue, they are more interested in preserving jobs than providing services. It seems that they are prepared to bring the country to its knees to obtain their objective rather than working in the best interests of everyone. They should hope that their members still have jobs to go to if they succeed.

R Swindells Bolton