MATTHEW Pendlebury, aged 19, when asked by Word on the Street (March 19), what could be done to make Bolton a better place, said: “There’s too much industry here and not enough for students to do. There needs to be more pubs and clubs.”

Matthew should have known the Bolton I knew when I was 19. The town was heaving with industry. Cotton mills in abundance, big engineering factories and good jobs for all. The town was full of cinemas, theatres, dance halls and pubs which, in turn, were full of people spending their hard-earned cash.

The town centre was full of good shops and shoppers busily milling around spending money they had worked hard for.

I fear for the future in the hands of today’s pitiful politicians and, if Mr Pendlebury’s views reflect those of other students — the leaders of tomorrow — I hold little hope.

Brian Derbyshire Ribchester Grove Bolton