I RECENTLY attended the public meeting in St Matthew’s Church House, re the proposed new Tesco supermarket in Little Lever.

What on earth are we paying our town planners and traffic consultants for in Bolton?

I explained my worry about the traffic chaos this development would cause at a very busy junction and was told: “We have made a model and it works!”

I expressed concern that there is only to be one way in and the same way out for drivers, pedestrians and delivery trucks. Again — they had made a model and it works.

Well, having lived in Little Lever for the past 45 years and I can tell you it won’t work, with or without a model!

A full traffic survey is required all day, every day, for several weeks.

Perhaps some of the money Tesco seems to have to “give” away to councils could be used for this purpose.

It may cost more than a model, but these are real peoples’ lives and happiness we may be affecting.

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