IT’S nice to see that Conservative councillor Bob Allen reads The Bolton News to keep on top of local issues, but he’s misunderstood NHS re-organisation.

In his letter on April 24, he claims that Labour’s Cllr Linda Thomas exaggerated the cost to Bolton of NHS reorganisation when she said it was £19 million and that David Crausby MP revealed the “actual cost” of £230,000.

Had he paid more attention to The Bolton News’ story, then Cllr Allen would know that the cost of NHS reorganisation in Bolton is £18,906,908 — which included redundancy payouts of £230,000.

It’s his Conservative Party taking these millions away from local health services and making people redundant from one organisation, only to be rehired by a new one.If the Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, has the same grasp of detail, then it’s no wonder their plan for the NHS is such a mess.

Paul Egan Carl Street Bolton