ON behalf of the Rotary Club of Bolton, we arranged our usual annual Health Check Day on Saturday, June 23, at Asda, Astley Bridge, and about 200 shoppers had attended to have their weight and blood pressure measured.

We were encouraged with their interest and enthusiasm. The bad news, however, is nearly 30 per cent were overweight with above normal Body Mass Index, measured from one’s weight against height.

This is a trend being noticed and regularly reported nationally and is a serious public health hazard.

People are eating too much of wrong food, fast food, fatty food with fewer and fewer vegetables and fruits. Schools are attempting to change the eating habits of young people, but perhaps their parents do neither care for their children nor for themselves.

Physical exercise is very important for fitness, but not terribly useful on its own to lose weight.

Diet is essential.

We did detect a few with high blood pressure and they were advised to get it checked again and/or to see their GPs.

We would like to extend our warm thanks to the management of the store who and along with all other staff were extremely cooperative and kind.

Arup Banerjee Rotary Club of Bolton