AM I the only one who will regret any future concerts in Heaton Park? As a result of the most recent debacle (the Stone Roses concerts) the roads were clogged up, taxis were late, including pre-booked ones. My return taxi did not materialise on Friday evening. The route home was littered with noisy, anti-social people, some of whom thought it funny to remove police traffic cones.

If this is what making money for Manchester looks like I’ll be staying at home for future events. Old Trafford could have run this event with ease with little impact on local residents other than what they have become used to on match days. Of course, that would take money away from Manchester but it’s a price worth paying as far as I’m concerned. I’m sure all the money made this weekend will be ploughed back into the park as parts of it are in desperate need of investment.

Bernard Hurst Email