Band name: Cotidal

Members: Nick Rutter, 25, guitar/production, Mark Parkinson, 27, lead guitar, Tom Rice, 22, drums
and Nick Farnworth, 26, bass

When and where did you form? We formed in 2012 in Manchester.

What is your sound and who are your influences? I’d say it’s pretty difficult to pinpoint exactly what our sound is; that’s why we use words such as experimental or progressive. We definitely focus on dynamics and mood, when you have contrasting quiet sections in rock music, the heavy sections have the opportunity to blow your face off even more! Influences include: Isis, Mastodon, Pink Floyd, Deftones and Alice in Chains.

What is the biggest gig you have played to date? We played a gig last year in Manchester called Prog Party which had a great crowd and played with some other amazing progressive bands. As our music is instrumental, we play alongside some visual projections that are synced up to the tunes which adds to the live experience.
We've played in Bolton a few times. Our bassist Nick lives in Bolton and works at Booth’s Music there.

If you are not already, is it your ambition to become professional? All of us already work in the music field as it is, whether it’s as a teacher, performer or engineer. But if we were given the opportunity to rock out as a living, that would be awesome.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I’d like to compose a soundtrack for a movie, definitely still be riffing out somewhere anyway!

Is there anything unusual or interesting about the band? We fuse together all sorts of genres and throw in some weird time signatures in an attempt to push heavy music in as many different directions as possible.

Upcoming gigs? We’re heading down to Birmingham on September 11 to support a Belgian instrumental band called OMSQ. But check out our website to find out more upcoming gigs and download our new album Lunar Day.