Band name: Renegade & Retrospect

Members: We are a three piece band consisting of Gareth Hodges who is 23 and plays drums/sings, Jordan Leppitt who is 21 and plays guitar/backing vocals and Daniel Godwin who is 22 and plays bass/backing vocals. Jordan is from Kingston upon Thames, Gareth is from Northampton and Dan is from Wakefield.

When and where did you form? The band formed during the spring of 2013 in Bolton. We all met at the University of Bolton with similar desires, to start a band. We've had a number of members come and go, several singers/rhythm guitarists, but we didn't really get going until we decided we were best as a three piece, which we truly released towards the end of last year.

What is your sound and who are your influences? Our influences are varied but predominantly from blues/folk and early metal spectrum. Bands such as Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Guns N Roses spring to mind. But we also have a strong ‘90s grunge and punk influence, from bands such as Green Day and Pearl Jam. We would describe our sound in a simplistic sense as hard rock but with all the versatility that genre comes with we like to experiment and push our sound in all sorts of directions.

What is the biggest gig you have played to date? The biggest gig we have played to date is probably May The 4th be with you festival at The Alma Inn. We co-headlined that event and over 200 people showed up, it was insane! Well, from what we can remember. We have played a number of gigs though that may be on par with that night. We've supported Jeremiah Ferrari twice, both gigs being packed out. Recently played at Dry Live in Manchester which was a big night too.

If you are not already, is it your ambition to become professional? It definitely is our main priority to become professional and 'make it' shall we say. What’s the point in it not? But I'm sure we will all be happy if we can just keep making music, playing gigs and get by doing so.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? We have no idea, haha, fruit picking in Australia. With how our lives are at the moment it would be way to hard to predict. We can tell you where we would like to be — headlining Download festival and touring the world.

Is there anything unusual or interesting about the band? I think the most unusual thing about the band is the fact that our drummer is the lead vocalist at the moment. But we think it works in our favour for the 'original' aspect.

Upcoming gigs? Our next gig booked is at Grand Central in Manchester on October 2. We also have a gig booked at Factory in Manchester on October 11, which is a headline gig being supported by Led By The Lost (Manchester-based rock n roll band). To get tickets for that gig contact us over Facebook. Each ticket is £5, or buy 2 for £8. We will then be supporting Led By The Lost on November 29 at The Towler.