ROCK band Shakey’s Brother are to release a single raising money for Help For Heroes.

The five-piece band, who made headlines when they were nominated for a Grammy in 2009, have members from Bolton and Burnley.

Sharples-born drummer Sam Roberts said: “After we toured all 90 football grounds two years ago to raise money for Help For Heroes we realised how much support there was for these guys — especially when we played in front of 3,000 youngsters in Aldershot. Everybody’s behind the cause.”

The song, A Soldier’s Tale, is based on the feelings of a young man’s first experience of war.

“We know that soldiers are proud of serving their country, but that there are still questions about why they are in that position,” said Sam. “It’s quite a serious subject compared to what we would usually sing about, but when we all feel so strongly and know thousands of other people do then we thought that if you can do anything to raise awareness you should.”

The song will be released on March 26. The release date was originally intended to be later in the year, but was brought forward following the news of six soldiers’ deaths in Afghanistan.

The band are then planning to spend the summer playing festivals across the country.

“We have always said we’ve seen ourselves as a festival band — a summer band,” said Sam. “It’ll be busy, but good fun.”