OVER 30 musicians came together as part of a musical collective overseen by composer/producer Don Falcone to create and record this album.

In the past, Spirits Burning has utilised leading musicians from the jazz, progressive rock and space rock genres to celebrate their respective fields.

This, their tenth album, is described as ‘A Space Rock journey into Film Noir’, and contains 16 tracks.

The line-up features such luminaries as Daevid Allen (Gong), Albert Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult) and members of Jefferson Starship.

Much of the lyric-writing was done by Roger Neville-Neil, known to Hawkwind fans as the lyricist of such tracks as Needle Gun and Heads amongst others.

Tracks such as HypnoSpy, Internal Detective and Underworld Messiah are genuine highlights amid a album which sums up the Space Rock sound.

Many will find it hard to grasp, but fans of that particular genre will love it.

Gonzo Multomedia. HST076CD.