IN their forty plus year history, Scot-rockers Nazareth have produced some excellent music, and whilst their singles have only charted 11 times in the UK, they have been very successful abroad.

Thus two-CD collection gathers together no less than 37 singles, from their vinyl era and also some CD singles.

The fully-illustrated 28-page booklet gives us all the info we are likely to want to know (with the exception of naming the B-sides) about the tracks and it really does cover the whole of the band’s career.

And… they are presented in chronological order, from Dear John in 1971 to Move Me in 1994.

There’s also – again from 1994, the Rock Orchestra version of their 1975 smash Love Hurts.

It’s also a history in sound, from their humble beginnings – when they were, in singer Dan McCafferty’s words “bumbling around” – through their glory years of Broken Down Angel, Hair of the Dog and My White Bicycle, and to the technically exceptional Party Down and Cinema.

Generally too, their singles are the pick of the crop and occasionally they throw in something special like Star and Winner on the Night.

All we really want now is another Singles collection – but this time just the b-sides.

Catalogue Details: Salvo Records. SALVOMDCD30.