THE brand-new album from UFO comes just in time for a 16 date tour of Britain and Ireland throughout March and April.

Seven Deadly was recorded in the autumn of 2011 in Germany with original band members Phil Mogg on vocals, Paul Raymond on guitar and keyboards and drummer Andy Parker, joined by guitarist Vinnie Moore.

The album, which kicks off with the radio-friendly Fight Night, contains ten excellent tracks full of the classy guitars and tight rock grooves that we have come to expect from a band that has been at the top of the genre for 40 years.

It’s their first studio album for three years and is certainly deserving of a place in the band’s catalogue, which includes the likes of Force It (1975), No Heavy Petting (1976) and the Monkey Puzzle (2009).

Angel Station, is another radio-track and is slower and more reflective than most of their output.

Moore’s guitars are top-notch and his compositional skills on tracks like Wonderland, Mojo Town and Steal Yourself – to name but three – are of the highest order.

The band may be 40-plus years old – but they still have things to say.

And they say them loud!

Release Date: February 27th 2012.

SPV Records. SPV 309252 CD.