THE Galaxy Quick Reads initiative has, over the years, published many short books in order to encourage peopled to read.

Of course, Doctor Who, being as popular as it is, is a prime subject for this series.

Jacqueline Rayner, author of no less than nine Who novels, has penned this particular adventure of the Time Lord and his companions Amy and Rory. (This is, in fact, the sixth Dr Who book in the Quick Reads series, and Jacqueline’s second).

The Doctor and his friends are sight-seeing in present-day London when they come across some Missing Persons posters.

Then, after seeing Sammy Star’s magic act, the Doctor begins to see a connection.

When he realises that he is facing one of his most deadly enemies, he must intervene to yet again save the world.

But first, he has to enter a talent show, and Amy has to dress in a silver cat suit whilst Rory visits an old people’s home.

Just what is the dark secret lurking in Sammy Star’s prop store?

Just don’t blink.

Actually, you won’t want to blink – or even put this book down until you’ve finished it as the break-neck pace of the story remains constant from beginning to end; and you’ll wish that it was a longer book.

Published by BBC Books on February 2nd 2012.

ISBN 978-1-849-90286-1