THE long-awaited appearance on DVD of one of the best-remembered adventures of the Third Doctor, as played by Jon Pertwee.

This was the third story to feature the masterful (pun definitely intended) Roger Delgado as The Master and was originally broadcast in the spring of 1971.

Actually at the time of writing, this is the last classic Who story to have been broadcast on TV, as it was shown on BBC 3 a few years ago.

Also, the clarity of picture on this DVD, makes it a delight to watch, as previous showings of this story has featured a grainy picture.

Something strange is happening at the village of Devil’s End and the local white witch is worried that dark forces are at work.

When an archaeological dig breaks open a burial mound a force erupts and the village is cut off by a heat shield.

The Doctor and Jo (Katy Manning) arrive with UNIT end up facing not only the forces of black magic, but the ancient Daemons and an old and familiar enemy.

This five-part story takes up the whole of Disc one of this two-disc set and the second disc has the extras.

Apart from the ‘Making Of’ documentary, we have a look at the colourisation tests used for episode one, and an appraisal of the technology used in an excerpt from Tomorrow’s World.

Of particular interest is a look at the life and work of Who producer Barry Letts, who masterminded the show in the early seventies.

This story is also famous for the immortal order from the Brigadier.

“Chap with wings, five rounds rapid.”

Oh the memories!

Release date: 19th March 2012.

Catalogue No. BBCDVD3383