THE Arena was turned into a monster Tardis as it transported thousands of middle aged popsters back to the 60s and 70s. While physically the audience may have been more grey and carrying a few more pounds, they slipped off the years and became teenagers again. Inhibitions disappeared as they joined one ginormous party with all the Motown favourites.

The 60s girl group, the Crystals kicked it off and had the toes tapping with "And then he kissed me". It didn't matter that the original Crystal is now an OAP, she still has a great set of lungs!

If they warmed up the audience, disco kings Tavares, turned up the heat to sizzling. Their infectious enthusiasm combined with some cheesy choreography wowed the audience. And with "More than a woman" and "Heaven's missing an angel" everyone was on their feet.

The Temptations, sported a legend from the original line up in Otis Williams, and they reeled off the hits: "I'm gonna make you love me," "I got sunshine" "Just my imagination" and "Get ready."

The Four Tops headlined the night and their crowd pleases did just that: "Baby I need your loving" "Bernadette" "It's the same old song" "Just walk away Renee." But then it all went a bit disappointing with the boys singing individual ballads as tributes to past departed Tops. Sadly the party went a bit stale and a lot of the audience left before the rousing finale of their greatest hits. But many did leave with those golden Motown medleys planted in their subconsciousness, that will not doubt be hummed for several days to come.

Lynn Ashwell