RORY Bremner will make his first visit to Bolton on May 17, and the impressionist will be joined by a few friends.

Jazz singer Ian Shaw and comedian Jo Caulfield will share the stage with Rory, in what the Mock The Week star describes as something of a variety show.

Caulfield stepped in at the last minute after Hattie Hayridge, who was originally on the bill, broke her ankle.

Bremner is best known for his political impressions, many of which will be featured in the show.

“People tend to identify more with the Blunketts and the Hagues than the Lanleys and the Osbournes — for now, at least,” he says.

When it comes to the coalition government, Bremner has strong views.

“I think the lid has come off and the wheels have come off,” he says. “It’s a mess, they’re at each others throats. We’ve got quite a depressing spectacle at the moment.”

He says he has been particularly enjoying watching the Leveson inquiry, however.

“It’s been extraordinary theatre,” he says. “Murdoch’s responses are so slow, it’s like watching a Bergman film — you keep expecting it to cut away to a shot of a man playing chess with death. We’re really seeing them for what they are.”

As far as the show is concerned, after the uncertainty of working on television shows, Bremner says he is happy to have the certainty of knowing where he will be and what he will be doing on any given day.

He says: “I like to get to a place early in the day and spend the rest of the time writing and working on material. I’m not going to make any claims to set the world on fire — it’s just a good night out. Anyone who enjoys Bremner, Bird and Fortune will like it.”

• Rory Bremner and Friends is at the Albert Halls on Thursday, May 17. Tickets cost £16, to book visit or ring 01204 334400.