COMEDIAN Dave Spikey’s Words Don’t Come Easy tour continues apace with an appearance at The Lowry on Monday.

The date is one of the few in the Spring section of the tour not to have sold out, and with Spikey not returning to local stages until he appears in Bolton on October 29, this could be an opportunity for impatient fans to catch the Phoenix Nights co-creator at his best.

The tour is titled Words Don’t Come Easy.

Dave said: “It is based on every situation in life where you can’t find the words you want — from when your mum and dad are trying to explain the facts of life to text speak.

“I have a friend who’s 50, but she texts like a 12-year-old. She says it’s quicker, I said, ‘not for me — it takes me an hour to work out what you’re trying to tell me!’”

Tickets cost £18, and are available from, or by ringing 0843 208 6000.