If you’ve got a bad back then in most cases there is a catch 22 situation in that keeping moving is crucial to prevent stiffness, but that moving actually hurts!

Having suffered with a bad back for most of my life I jumped at the chance to try out a new piece of equipment which actually works with your spine and not against it.

The T-BOW is a new concept which works in much the same way as a stepper. The difference being the shape complements the curvature of the body, supporting the back during exercise, allowing you to get a great workout without worrying that you are putting pressure on your spine.

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You can do everything and anything on this, stretch, lift weights, practise yoga and engage in cardiovascualr activity. It’s also really handy if you are embarrassed to keep fit in public and want to work out at home.

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I put it to the test. At first I just lay on it and it felt so good I didn’t want to move. But I realised while it was relaxing it wasn’t going to get Cheryl Cole abs. Sticking on the DVD which comes with the kit motivated me to actually exercise.

It is supposed to be great for the cardiovascular system, your balance, coordination, strength and flexibility, and I can safely say it works. It isn’t just me saying that — my physiotherapist noted an increase in the strength of my abdominal muscles, and others noted I was looking slimmer. Winner!

It is recommended you use it twice a week for eight weeks — I was naughty and only used it once a week for six weeks but it still made a massive difference to my health and my appearance. It didn’t give me a superstar figure, but using it has relieved my pain and is making me think twice about how many mince pies I’m going to eat this Christmas.

l T-BOW home kit is available online at t-bow.co.uk (RRP £112). This includes T-BOW, a home workout DVD and stretch bands.