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We all know that winter can be a tremulous time for our tresses so I’ve come up with five top tips — and 20 per cent off a session with me at Andrea Whipp in Deansgate Bolton to make it that bit easier this season Top tips 1. Limit the amount you wash your hair. Constantly going from cold air outside, to the warmth of central heating inside, can dry your hair out. Shampooing removes the natural oils from your scalp, which help to protect and moisturise your cuticles.

2. Wear a hat to create a barrier against cold and wind. Make sure it is well ventilated and made from natural fibres. If the head is too constricted, your sebaceous glands will go into overdrive, causing roots to become greasy. To avoid the unsightly halo effect a hat can often leave, try wearing a silk scarf underneath.

3. Hair often becomes static in winter. To combat this, use a small amount of hairspray on your brush, and run from roots to ends. This will control those annoying strands.

4. Before leaving the house, make sure your hair is completely dry. Hair is at its weakest when wet. Damp hair can freeze and break in the cold.

5. Use a leave in conditioner. Finer hair will need a light conditioner, whereas thicker, denser hair will need a rich conditioner.

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