Photographs by Zoe Hitchen

Fashionistas and famous faces were out in force in Manchester to celebrate the launch of a new drink — which they knocked back with guilt-free gusto after finding out one bottle contains just 123 calories.

Women will be jumping for joy when they find out ‘Eve’ is coming to Manchester before anywhere else in the country.

For it’s a low alcohol alternative to beer (content — 3.1 per cent ABV in 250ml), is designed to be served in a champagne glass — ooh la la, and it’s the perfect tipple for after works drinks. The low calorie content will help keep you in those skinny jeans and you’ll not get that bloated feeling beers and cider can give.

The drink was launched at Manchester’s exclusive Circle Club, a haunt of the rich and famous. David Guest, from I’m a Celebrity fame, was spotted along with Galaxy FM’s breakfast team.

But it was the fashion we were there for and radio star Rachel didn’t let us down, glamming it up in a Topshop jumpsuit.

We loved the Vicky Martin print dress spotted on party girl Sarah Blinkhorne and this super cute skirt on another reveller shows you can cut it while wearing Primark’s finest.

Ian Hannaford, marketing manager at Carlsberg said: “We’re really excited to bring Eve to the UK. The brand is all about women going out and enjoying themselves and where better to do that than here?”

The drink and the event, in conjunction with Manchester Fashion Network, really proves that sensible drinking is fashion forward.

The Bolton News: FASHION\EVE launch\David_Gest_and_Eve_Girls_at_The_Circle_Club_Hitchen3.jpg jenny minard fashion.

David Guest and Eve 'girls'.

The Bolton News: FASHION\EVE launch\David_Gest_Galaxy102_The_Circle_Club_Hitchen2.jpg jenny minard fashion.

Galaxy FM's breakfast team with David Guest.

The Bolton News: FASHION\EVE launch\e_MG_9205.jpg jenny minard fashion.


The Bolton News: \FASHION\EVE launch\e_MG_9223.jpg jenny minard fashion.


The Bolton News: \FASHION\EVE launch\e_MG_9260.jpg jenny minard fashion.

A revellers enjoys a drink wearing a stunning Vicky Martin dress.

The Bolton News: images\FASHION\EVE launch\EVE_MG_9277.jpg jenny minard fashion.

Eve 'girls'.

The Bolton News: \FASHION\EVE launch\EVE_MG_9314.jpg jenny minard fashion.

A reveller at the party. Wearing a bang on-trend Primark skirt.

The Bolton News: images\FASHION\EVE launch\EVE_MG_9317.jpg jenny minard fashion.

An Eve 'girl' hands out the drinks.

The Bolton News: FASHION\EVE launch\Galaxy_Presenters_Rob_Ellis_and_Rachel_at_The_Circle_Club_Hitchen5.jpg rachel jenny minard.

Rachel and Rob from Galaxy FM.

The Bolton News: \FASHION\EVE launch\Rachel_by_Zoe Hitchen2.jpg jenny minard fashion.

Rachel from Galaxy FM.