Wrap up warm — winter is coming. In the final part of the new season special I bring you furs (faux of course) which will stop the chill, keep you stylish and are so lush you’ll be glad you’ve got an excuse to buy.

Autumn/winter 2009 will see fur get a rockier edge to it. Teamed with leathers and studded belts it’s going to transform you from fluffy kitten to fabulous fashionista.

The Bolton News: \FASHION\1009\fash main primark-150.jpg primark jenny minard fashion

The Bolton News: FASHION\1009\fash main primark men-150.jpg jenny minard fashion

If you want to help your man become all warm and cosy then grab him (or send him sharpish to buy) this fur lined zip hoody from Primark. Coming in at £20 he won’t be able to resist the bargain, the uber cool Christmas pattern or the wonderfully warm hood. Boys, we promise we won’t steal it when we’re cold.

The Bolton News: FASHION\1009\fash main next-150.jpg jenny minard fashion

While you’re at it why don’t you go to Next where you can grab this fur trapper hat at £15? Emerging in stores over the past four years, it’s a retro revival of a classic hat. You’ll need to keep those ears warm so what better way than some stylish head furniture.

The Bolton News: FASHION\1009\fash main m&s-150.jpg jenny minard fashion

Back to the ladies and if you want classic fur then head down to Marks & Spencer. Grab this caramel Per Una version, reminiscent of the one Carrie wears in Sex and the City, for £89.50. For those who haven’t had the guts to wear fur before then stop right now — you need to be able to “Carrie” this look off. Beware petite frames, you don’t want to look like a giant furball, go for short jackets instead. It comes in sizes eight to 22 so anyone of every shape can enjoy.

The Bolton News: \FASHION\1009\fash main m&s two-150.jpg jenny minard fashion

Even more luxurious, simply for the plush grey colour is this limited edition coat, also from M&S. Coming in a little cheaper at £79, it’s not as long so it won’t swamp smaller frames. I’m loving the tiered effect, the chunky collar and the three quarter length sleeves — perfect for showing off your elbow-high gloves (top tip for winter). You’ll have to wait to get your hands on it though, it won’t be on the shelves until November.

The Bolton News: \FASHION\1009\fash main jane norman-150.jpg jenny minard fashion

If you fancy an alternative to the traditional coat then go for a shrug for £50 at Jane Norman. This one has a flattering neckline, perfect for displaying your new winter scarf and the long sleeves will ensure you don’t go cold. Beware the cropped waist though, it might cut more shapely figures in half. If you’re on the plus-side choose long dresses over tights and boots. Skinnies are slightly luckier, you’ll get away with showing off a thin waist in tight tops and low-slung jeans.

The Bolton News: FASHION\1009\fash main debenhams-150.jpg jenny minard fashion

We girls need to keep our ears warm as well as the boys, but who wants dreaded hat hair? The answer is retro ear muffs. Grab yours from Star at Julien Macdonald at Debenhams for £10.