A DAY of live music in Bolton is helping to make sure the joy of watching bands can be shared by all.

Later this month the Safe Gigs for Women (SGFW) initiative will be coming to the Alma Inn. The free event will see a number of bands from America, Europe and the UK taking to the stage to perform and help raise awareness of the good cause.

SGFW volunteer and one of the event’s organisers, Ivan Crompton, got involved with the project along with partner Julie Holmes after they met founders of the organisation at a music event in Bristol last year. He explains: “We all have full-time jobs but this is something very important, especially with live music venues closing down, you want to create support within the community. Live music is a community and that’s what we are showing.

“It’s meant to be a safe environment and people shouldn’t feel scared to go.

“It’s about people trying to promote something good. It is not just about tackling the harassment women can receive at gigs but about men taking the lead and showing respect to each other. The volunteering takes SGFW all over the place but we wanted to bring it further up north.

“We have got bands coming from America, Hungary, London, Norwich and the North West, and that’s something to be proud of.”

Events start at the Bradshawgate venue at 2.30pm on April 29. Headlining will be Norwich four-piece punk rock band Ducking Punches who have taken time out from a national tour to play Bolton.

They will be joined by the likes of London’s Apologies, I Have None, Pennsylvania’s Vicky Speedboat and Hungarian trio Apey and the Pea. Carrs Pasties will also be sponsoring the event, providing food on the day.

SGFW founder Tracey Wise is coming to Bolton for the gig which also has the support of English folk singer-songwriter Frank Turner.

For more information please visit sgfw.org.uk.