The Crucible
Manchester Opera House
IT may have been written as an allegory for McCarthy era and the witch hunts against those suspected of being Communist sympathisers, but The Crucible is as poignantly relevant today as it was when Arthur Miller wrote it in the 1950s.
Director Douglas Rintoul has put together a powerful and stark production.Set in Salem, neighbour turns against neighbour  as half-truths and rumour become a basis for fact as accusations of witchcrafts abound.
Rintoul’s skilful direction of the dark haunting play led to moments of nervous laughter as the audience struggled to comes to terms with what was unfolding on stage could ever be real.
Eoin Slattery played John Proctor, the voice of reason, who is forced to battle with his conscience as events spiral out of control.
Victoria Yeates, Sister Winifred in Call the Midwife, gives a moving performance as Proctor’s wife Elizabeth.
And Charlie Condou, Marcus Dent in Coronation Street, brought intensity and emotion to the role of the Reverend Hale, the witchfinder who comes to recognise he has been misled and is desperate for justice for those wronged.
Modern parallels are not spelled out, they don't need to be. The strong cast allows the audience to draw their own conclusions.
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