McDonald’s has launched three tasty-sounding new burgers. 

But customers have a limited time to enjoy the Great Tastes of America range.

The Tennessee Stack features a Tennessee-style BBQ sauce, two beef burgers, Beechwood smoked bacon, grilled onions and smoky cheese in a flour topped bun. It is available until May 10.

The New York Stack comes with a sesame and poppy seed topped bagel, two beef burgers, tomato ketchup, mustard, Beechwood smoked bacon, cheese, chunky slaw and pickles. It is available from May 11 to May 24. 

The Tex Mex Stack features crispy nachos, two beef burgers, Pepper Jack cheese, spicy smoky sauce and a hot and spicy bun. It is available from May 25 to June 7.

As well as three new burgers, customers will see the return of the Spicy Buffalo BBQ Chicken with a new twist.

For the first time, customers who are brave enough will be able to choose whether they want to have their Spicy Buffalo BBQ Chicken ‘Hot’ or ‘Extra Hot’ – the hottest McDonald’s product yet and which is available from now until June 7. 

The Bolton News:

Spicy Buffalo BBQ Chicken Hot

Steven Howells Head of Food and Beverage Marketing at McDonald’s UK said: “We are delighted to bring Great Tastes of America back to the menu.

"This year the range has been re-designed with customers in mind to ensure the builds of our burgers are truly representative of America and we think this really comes through with the new big flavours.

"In addition to this, we’ve introduced one of our hottest sauces yet and we are excited to see what our customers think.”

Also included in the promotion are the new Caramel Cheesecake and Strawberry Cheesecake McFlurry as well as three new McCafe Iced beverages including the Berry Burst Smoothie, the Belgian Chocolate Honeycomb Frappe and the Frozen Strawberry Lemonade to get your summer started early.

The Bolton News:

McDonald’s are also bringing Cheese Bites back to the menu for a limited time only.