Sefton Street

YOU can’t open a newspaper these days — some are more guilty than others — without being told you can’t eat such-and-such because it gives you whatchemacallit.

Diet cola gives you cancer, peanut butter sandwiches give you heart disease, fish fingers cause hair loss, that kind of thing. I’m terrified of eating guacamole in case it contains the wrong type of fat. Is this good fat or bad fat? Is this bacteria friendly? Will this burnt piece of toast cause early onset arthritis?

So I was delighted this week, to learn that, praise the Lord, curry cures dementia.

Apparently, scientists have discovered that a spicy ingredient in curry could be an effective treatment for Alzheimer's.

Tests on absent-minded fruit flies found that those given curcumin — the key chemical in turmeric — lived 75 per cent longer.

So, with that good news ringing in my ears, we went merrily to Mogul, an excellent curry house in Whitefield.

Based in a former Methodist chapel, this is an impressive setting for an Indian restaurant. Inside, it is a mix of modern and classic; wooden beams towering above with funky blue and pink “mood lighting” below.

In feel, it is not dissimilar to Cinnamon, in the town centre, but on a smaller scale. Would that there were more places like this. While the rest of Bolton boasts large swathes of decent curry houses, none are particularly 21st century.

On a Saturday night, it is buzzing. My friend’s difficulty in reverse parking his Honda Jazz in the last space in an otherwise packed car park is testament to that.

For starters, our party of four shared poppadoms as well as two excellent minced chicken seekh kebabs.

Mains, take your pick from, chicken methi, a korahi and a lamb sizzler.

It was all pretty good, especially my lamb sizzler, which was huge chunks of lamb, peppers and onions, delivered on a sizzling hot plate. More than enough for two here.

The korahi was tasty, with a good heft of ginger, while the methi, a spinach dish, was garlicky.

Service was pleasant and prompt and it was decent value, too, at £20 a head. Portions are huge, so either ask for a doggy bag or order dishes to share.

Mogul is well worth a trip. It ticks a lot of the right boxes, plus it’s good for your health.

Bookings: 0161 796 0412