REMIND me, if I ever go to a ball, dinner or other somesuch high society party, not to dress as a woman, lie about my circumstances or otherwise pretend to be someone else.

If musical theatre has taught me anything - and I'm not sure that it has - it's that masquerading as another person is a bad idea, and is likely to end in disaster, humiliation or worse.

Die Fledermaus, set in 19th century Vienna, is a case in point.

The farcical story is, of course, secondary to the music in this production, and thankfully, this is where TTOS shines.

With a professional orchestra providing the choons, top-notch singers in all the leading roles and a strong chorus bringing up the rear, Die Fledermaus is a toe-tapping humdinger of a show.

As you would expect from a Strauss operetta, waltzing features heavily, and it's only a pity that it's not socially acceptable to get up and join in.

The acting, singing, musical accompaniment and sound production are all well above the average am-dram standard; David and Eileen Reeves are superb in the leading roles, while Victoria Goulden's standout performance as Adele is a real show-stealer.

Colin Magenty is also worthy of note as the drunken police sergeant Frosch, who supplies some comedy gold in the final act.

Tuesday night's performance ended with the audience clapping along enthusiastically to the finale, which has got to be a good thing.

Dodgy central European accents aside, this is a quality production, and one well worth waltzing along to see. Now where did I put my ball gown?

St Joseph's Hall, Leigh Until March 24 Tickets: 01942 883722