WOW! Who would have thought a play that captured the zeitgeist decades ago could still be so powerful today?

Based on Bolton playwright Bill Naughton’s All In Good Time, East is East writer Ayub Khan-Din’s script is hilarious and still relevant to the lives of many Bolton families.

It may be what would have been Naughton’s centenary year, but the issues faced by the town’s close-knit Asian community are similar to those that existed in many Bolton homes when All In Good Time was written.

The witty dialogue and Iqbal Khan's direction makes for a fast-moving play and enables the characters to shine.

Simon Nagra is fantastic as the difficult dad, while Guy Rhys is also excellent - and who could forget the older man's bhangra dancing, something the understandably tense groom just cannot get into?

There's a great arm-wrestling scene between father and son - haven't we all done that and lost? - but the real plot stealer is the difficulty the newly-marrieds have in consumating their marriage while living with the in-laws.

There's not a bad performance here and everyone - Rani Moorthy, Elizabeth Cadwallader, Tony Hasnath, Kaleem Janjua, Darren Kuppan, Bhavna Limbachia, Mitesh Soni and Harvey Virdi - deserves a mention.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that this was staged in the round, which made for a bigger platform that enabled the action to move around the four rooms of the house with ease and at pace.

This really is a glittering play that showcases the diversity on offer at the Octagon and captures just the right mix of comedy and social realism. Brilliant.

• Rafta Rafta is at the Octagon Theatre, Howell Croft South, until June 5. Tickets £9-£18.50 on 01204 520661 or