I HAVE to start with an apology for using a cliche - but "Oh What a Night!"

Frankie Valli may have been around quite a while, and despite his advancing years, he can still turn a tune. While the Stone Roses were performing down the road reliving their past, the audience in the Arena were on their own red-hot nostaglia trip. Hit after hit brought back those "I remember this one!" cheers.

It all began back in 1955 when a young Frankie got together with three pals and The Four Seasons were born. In 2012 we are on a different generation of Seasons - all young enough to be Frankie's grandsons, but Frankie has weathered the years exceeding well, looking dapper and with a voice of someone half his age.

From start to finish of his too brief two hour set, it was like listening to a 60s and 70s juke box. Hardly pausing for breath he belted out the classics - "Grease", the spine tingling "I've got you under my skin" and the dreamy "My eyes adored you." It was simple set - a black back drop with everyone on stage dressed in black. But the 11 piece band and the four Seasons, coupled with some effective lighting, produced a polished show.

Frankie wasn't too pleased with today's music. "Do people really make love to that. No wonder the kids are crazy," he said before launching into some beautiful ballads.Then there was "My Girl". "Spanish Harlem" and "Silence is Golden." It didn't end there - "Working my way back to you", "Who loves you", "Oh What a night," "Walk like a Man", "Sherry" - yes they are all his. And of course for the finale "Let's Hang On" brought the house down with Frankie strutting his stuff alongside the young ones. All we can say after that is Frankie "You're just too Good to be True! Can't get you off my mind!