FILM director Mike Todd — whose documentary about Joe Frazier had its premier on the day of the legendary boxer’s death — has revealed that he is currently working on a new documentary about Mexican-American immigrants.

The Bolton filmmaker’s new documentary, Under The Bridge, tells the story of San Diego's Chicano Park, situated in the heart of one of America’s oldest Mexican communities, who rose up in revolt when they were told a Highway Patrol Substation was to be built on land earmarked for a public park.

Todd said: “Our focus is about looking at stories or people who don’t have a voice or don’t have mainstream representation.”

Footage was filmed in Mexico and California over the course of a year, and Todd is now in the process of finishing the film and finding distribution.

His latest documentary, the acclaimed film Joe Frazier: When The Smoke Clears, premiered at New York’s most important documentary festival, Doc NYC, on November 8 last year, spookily the day after Frazier passed away.

Of the film, which has just been named documentary of the month by online platform Hula, who screened it as part of Black History Month, Todd said: “I think it has been a long road for us. We really made it as an independent project and in the end we put everything we had into that film. When we made it we never realised how significant it woudl be in terms of Joe’s legacy, that we would be the last filmmakers to have access to him. We are really pleased with the response it has had.”

Todd is now in talks with the network ESPN and other broadcasters, and is hoping the documentary will be screened in Europe this summer.