UNIVERSITY of Bolton postgraduate student Zafar Iqbal has created a very unconventional romcom.

My Big Fat Love Story tells the tale of two British muslim couples who must overcome the challenges of modern life to prove their love for each other.

While Hooriya and Kaleem express their love for each other through traditional Urdu love poetry, Azan and Wafa are a more modern couple. But when Kaleem has to leave Hooriya behind while he travels for work, and Wafa jets off on a modelling job, both couples’ relationships are put to the test.

Zafar said: “My Big Fat Love Story is a simple poetic movie based on the conflict of a modern and traditional couple with a touch of Bollywood. It will make you laugh, cry, dance and celebrate love as never before.”

He believes that the film is the first multi-language film to use English, Urdu, Punjabi and Kashmiri.

The film was shot in Zafar’s home town of Rochdale The writer and director said: “I believe I’ve made a mainstream feature film that will entertain a universal audience because it contains the vibrant and warm culture of British people and the look and feel of Bollywood cinema, and for once it represents British Muslims in a positive light in a British movie.”

The film was made for just £10,000, and was shot over nine days.

Zafar said: “For me, making this film has been a learning experience from every angle you can imagine and even after dealing with all that good, bad and ugly experience I’m proud of myself and the team to complete a fine film that will become an historical work.”

The film will be screened on Sky Channel 802 at 6pm on Valentine's Day.