By Yasmin Clowes Sherlock Holmes 2- This film is very funny and interesting to watch! Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law work fantastically on the second film for Sherlock Holmes! Yet again Sherlock Holmes is causing drama in the Doctor's love life whilst trying to solve more crimes that are being committed. In the Drama of all the hustle and bustle of catching bad guys we get to see the softer side of both Sherlock Holmes and the doctor as they go on an emotional journey ( with lots of laughs on the way) of going there own ways in life! I really like this film as it is funny and comical but yet also shows the emotions of the characters that we wouldn't imagine to be like that. it is packed full of action and drama, with Sherlock Holmes even throwing the Doctors wife off a bridge! Exactly!

I would give this film 5 stars for entertainment and keeping you guessing at what happens next... I hope there is a 3rd!!

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