by Yasmin Clowes

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo- This film is an 18 and rightly so! It is quite a graphic film about a "Murder investigation" and how it has affected a family and the secrets they are hiding.

The well known new James Bond Actor Daniel Craig is one of the main characters in this film starring as Mikael Blomkvist and also young Actress Rooney Mara plays Lisbeth Salander and tells the wonderful story of a man who starts a search for a girl who has been dead for 40 years!!! The gruesome scenes and graphic detail are what gives this film the depth and watchability it has. I was quite shocked when I watched this but at the same time I was intrigued with the story line and whether or not the murderer was found. I would advise anyone who shy’s away from intimate scenes to look away a lot but for those who love a good murder mystery, this is the perfect film for you!

I would give this film 4 stars for the depth of film, the amazing work and feeling put into the acting and also the amazing storyline for this type of movie.