Well, I moved house the other week and as my new place is further away from college I am now having to walk. It's only a few miles there and back but how much of a difference it is! My legs are so toned and its only been 2 weeks!

This has shown me that even a simple change, such as walking that extra bit to college, can make a huge difference in your fitness. My point to this is, there is no excuse for not exercising and being healthy, yes we have lots of unhealthy food around us each and every day but is the temptation that big? Can you really not resist it? Come on people, a few extra trips round your street, a simple walk with your dog a day; these are the small little changes that are standing between you and a healthier lifestyle.

Do you want to be 40 Years Old and not able to go out for family picnics, walks or even swimming? If you don't then get up and get out there. Live a happier and healthier life style now, not staying in eating that last pack of biscuits!

Too many people are overweight and unhealthy, lets start the new Britain and get fit together!!!!

By Yasmin Clowes