MARIO’S world-famous big breakfast has at last made it into the Guinness Book Of World Records.

The Italian chef’s gut-busting 5,000- calorie Ultimate Breakfast has been declared the biggest full English breakfast in the world.

Mario Frappola said: “It is fantastic — it is like winning the lottery!”

For just over £10, customers at Mario’s Cafe Bar, in Market Street, Westhoughton, are served 10 eggs, 10 sausages, 10 rashers of bacon, 10 slices of toast, five black pudding slices, tomatoes, mushrooms and baked beans.

If you polish off the lot in 20 minutes, the meal is free.

Mario hit the headlines in 2008 when his breakfast first appeared in The Bolton News.

Since then, he has featured in newspapers and magazines across the world, as well as appearing on radio and television.

More than 150 people have now tried — and failed — to finish the monster meal, which contains twice the daily recommended amount of calories for an average male.

Mario said: “We are always very busy now, we can’t cope sometimes, but I am not complaining.

“People come from all over; from Scotland and the North East, from London, Birmingham, Manchester.

“We had someone from America try the breakfast, but even he could not manage it.”

Officials from the Guinness Book Of World Records visited the cafe last year to make stringent checks on Mario’s breakfast, but he was not included in the 2010 edition.

Each item was individually weighed and Mario was then given a certificate stating that his 2.893kg (6lb 6oz) breakfast was the largest commercially available English breakfast. The British Heart Foundation has warned people that eating so much in one sitting is “not a good idea”, so Mario asks customers who take on his challenge to sign a disclaimer taking responsibility for their own health.

The walls of his cafe are now almost covered in the certificates and pictures of people trying the breakfast.