BOLTON Wanderers Community Trust (BWCT) is launching a new season of Respect workshops for schools.

The Trust is aiming to run sessions for 1,200 Bolton youngsters between now and the end of February next year.

The goal is to use young people’s love of football to encourage good behaviour.

The fun and interactive sessions in schools are designed to help youngsters understand the consequences of their conduct on others and appreciate that their behaviour can affect not just themselves but others at school, home and in the community.

Ben Laycock, head of cohesion and education for BWCT said: “Using the hook of football is a great way to engage young people and educate them on the subject of respect. We have already begun delivery and the staff and pupils have been very receptive of the workshops and the areas they address.”

The programme is funded by npower, and all 72 Football League Trusts will be delivering lesson plans around the theme of Respect.

Any local schools interested in receiving a visit from the club should contact Paul Makinson on 01204 673 790 or