IT made me so angry to read about my MP claiming even more money from the taxpayer by claiming cash for renting a flat in London when he already owns one (“I’m playing by the rules says rent storm MP”, The Bolton News, October 20).

Did David Crausby learn nothing from the expenses scandal? It doesn’t matter that he’s found a loophole in the rules that means he can do this legally.

It is totally against the spirit of the new rules about what MPs can claim for. It makes him look greedy and arrogant.

He should live in the flat he owns which, incidentally, will have been paid for through his very handsome salary — again at the taxpayers’ expense.

It is a slap in the face to all the hard-working people who are struggling to pay their own rent or mortgage at the moment. I particularly enjoyed the quote from him which said: “These are allowances rather than expenses”.

Surely this should win a prize for the most outrageous attempt ever at spin from a politician.

Matt Hopkins Tonge Moor Road Bolton