HELEN Flanagan’s camp mates vented their frustrations after the Bolton actress failed yet another Bushtucker Trial.

Eastenders actress Charlie Brooks said the 22-year-old need “to get a grip sometimes” and former darts world champion Eric Bristow branded her “useless”.

Helen, who played Rosie Webster in Coronation Street, faced her fourth trial — Come Dive With Me — alongside Charlie.

The pair had to dive underwater, into a jungle dining room set for dinner with 12 stars hidden in domes — each worth a meal for their camp.

All the stars in the domes, inhabited by water dwelling creatures including large yabbies, water spiders, eels, water monitor lizards and crocodiles, had to be collected by them only using their teeth and mouths.

Charlie managed to grab three stars and Helen got four — but used using her hands instead of her mouth — and was disqualified.

A jubilant Helen got out of the pool but was told by presenters Ant and Dec her four stars did not count.

A disappointed Helen said: “I think its because I panic so much, I forget using my teeth. I did my best.”

As the pair headed back to the camp, with three meals, Helen confronted a disgruntled Charlie and said: “I can feel that you sometimes think I dramatise things.”

Helen added: “I wish I could be more like you. I wish I could more like not dramatic, but I can’t help it.”

Eric later said to Charlie: “Glad I wasn’t with her. Its hard work, isn’t it? She’s useless.”

Charlie confessed in the Bush Telegraph: “When you feel you have to walk on egg shells because you might say something that’s going to make somebody cry, it becomes a little bit intolerable to live with all the time. I find myself losing my patience.”