AN eight-year-old boy has boogied his way to success just months after being turned away by dance groups due to his disability.

Ethan Harrison has danced in front of 2,000 people, representing the North West in a national dance competition and has been awarded rosettes for passing examinations in samba and the foxtrot.

Ethan’s mother Hillary Harrison, from Farnworth, said: “I had difficulty finding a dance school for Ethan because some said they couldn’t take him because he has Down’s syndrome — and one said he wouldn’t be able to join in because he would disrupt other children.

“It was upsetting. He shouldn’t be stigmatised.

The dance groups don’t know him so shouldn’t discriminate against him.

“He has been dancing at Discomania Dance School since about April and loves it. He loves performing, he has always loved dancing and is quite the showman.”

Ethan, a Year Three pupil at Upper Orchards School in Farnworth, has learned modern ballroom, Latin American and freestyle dancing.

He has always enjoyed dancing and has performed on stage on holidays in the past.

Ethan especially enjoys dancing to AllStars 2002 hit, Bump In The Night.

In the summer, he qualified for the region to compete at national level against other young people with disabilities.

They went on to secure fifth place at the championships at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens.

Most recently, he has received the Friendship Award from his dance school, which meets at Capitol House, Churchgate.

Ann Weall, dance school principal, said: “He loves dancing and as long as he is achieving something and he feels like he is achieving something it’s fine. Everyone at the dance school loves him, the kids have just taken to him.

“When he won the Friendship medal the cheer was bigger than cheers for everyone else.”