TENANTS threatened with being made homeless when their landlord’s property is repossessed should be given greater protection, according to a Bolton MP.

Bolton South East MP Yasmin Qureshi added her support to a House of Commons early day motion raising the issue of landlords unlawfully letting out their mortgaged properties which are under threat of repossession.

In such cases tenants face the possibility of immediate eviction through no fault of their own. She said: “Private tenants who are up-to-date with their rent payments should be safe in the knowledge that the landlord is paying the mortgage on the property.

“But there is no way for them to know if the landlord is doing so. The first they hear of it is an eviction notice.

“Tenants should not be the victims of financial irresponsibility by their landlords, of which they can have no knowledge. The law needs to give them more protection.”

The early day motion asks the government to conduct an urgent review of the situation and to come up with legislative proposals to give private tenants statutory protection in the case of property repossessions.